Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Parents are coming

My mom and dad are coming for a visit, they are currently at my sister's house. I saw mom last year around this time, but I have not seen dad since may '03. Dad hasn't met Lukey yet. He has seen pictures and talked to him on the phone. So I am looking forward to the two of them meeting. The other boys are very excited about seeing their Abuelos( grandparents). But I think they are more excited about seeing my dad.
So they are not only coming for a visit but they are on the move. Yes, they are moving (AGAIN) from Ontario to BC. I am kind of okay with this move because they will be much closer to me, and I might get to see them more than once a year.
So tomorrow I am going to an all day crop( scrapbooking) and they should be here sometime around supper. so it should be a fun day for me!!!

1 comment:

Jen Hoover said...

OOOH!!! any room for me????

I would LOVE to come and hang out and crop with ya!!! {{hugs}}