Monday, November 05, 2007

oh brother!!

So Halloween was lots of fun...I realized I did NOT take pictures of the kids in their costumes, however I managed to take a pic of all my 5 guys with my orange Halloween wig LOL. ( i will post those soon). We are in a new neighbourhood, and we went out trick-o-treating just before 6, as it turns out this neighbourhood considers that early so we came back home, and waited till after 6pm and then went. My oldest went with some kids from his school, and was dressed as Che Guevara. Oh yeah and he went to Halloween party at his friends house the weekend before Halloween and he also dressed as Che.
Neil and I decided to both take the boys out, so we left a bowl full of chip bags and off we went. Ethan was a king Noah a ninja, ad Luke was a lion....The ran so fast and and had a great time. By the time we came home, our bowl was still pretty full. We found out fro the neighbours that we only get about 20 kind come thru our crescent. I was very disappointed as this. I for sure thought we would have more. Oh well!!
It was a great evening, the boys had a wonderful time. Wesley came home with a pillow case full of candies...we have so much....
Sleeping beauty is finally over, and I had a great time and I doing theatre again( even if from behind the scenes) I met some wonderful people , that I hope to keep in touch with and maybe work with again. It was tiring, an my guys missed me . And I them
In other oh brother! news ,in less than 6 days we are heading to Mexico. This was supposed to be Neil's and my holiday away from the kids, but we found a super awesome deal and added them and his parents on. So we are now going on a family holiday instead. I am so excited about it. I think my dh was a little disappointed. tee hee. But is now as excited as the rest of us. I am counting the days till I'm sipping margaritas on the beach, or snorkeling with kids.
One last oh brother!My brother-in-law is putting his application in the for the Calgary police services. So if he is excepted My baby sis and her family will be moving here. So please say a prayer for them, that this happens. They need the change, and it would be nice to have my sister near by!
That about sums up the oh brothers in my life.....oh wait......
nope that is it

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