Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Man oh man, I should be doing homework, but I am being lazy.
We had a great Thanksgiving feast with Family and friends yesterday.
So for all of you that didn't know I am now back in UNiversity, full time.
It has been an adjustment, it has been a while since my brain had to work this hard.
It has been fun, and I ma loving it.
Besides being a full time student, I am still a full time mom. The boys are coping well!
My husband is amazing, he supports my efforts and is doing a great job helping me out with everything, from tutoring me in SATS to taking more house hold chores so I can succeed in school!
Ethan just had his birthday, and Luke will be 6 on OCt 14.
Noah is doing much better with his reading, and Wesley is doing well in HS so far. We'll see how good come report card time.
The weather has not been kind to us!! it's freaking cold!
Well I guess that's it for now.
Next time I get bored while doing homework, I 'll come and update!

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