Thursday, April 22, 2010

Middle of finals

I can't believe I'm almost done my first year back at university. I have 2 finals left and one essay. It's crazy but the feeling of accomplishment is huge!!!!

As for scrapbooking, I haven't done much lately, I have a few ideas for a LO, and I might take a break from Sociology and maybe start it!

Before finals I did finish my scraproom, and I have added a slide show to my sidebar.

I'm looking forward to enjoying some time in there for creating, as it has been homework central in the last few months.
On NSD I will be going to the Scrapshotz crop.

And I am going to vegas!! My BFF Joce and I are going for a long weekend to Vegas, I can't wait! we're renting a car, and even though she is not a scrapper we're going to Scrappin Time that I visited the last time I went to Vegas. Plus we're going to this Salvadorean restaurant!!!

Any who back to the books!

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Dean and Selena said...

Wow has it been a year already!! Good luck on exams :-) Your scrapbook room is beautiful!! I am so jealous, I'm working off my lap in a closet :-) And VEGAS woohoo, again I'm jealous... !!