Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh the joys of Summer

Last summer while traveling to BC, and driving around in the city, complaining about all the road work being done or not done. What I mean is every time we passed a work site there was always one or two guys working really hard, and three to five others having a "coffee/smoke break". I decided that instead of complaining and getting mad I was going to take a picture and post on my blog. I never got around to it last summer, so I will start it this summer.
So for my first entry
Sarcee Trail and Country Hills Blv about two week ago!!! Oh and just so you know, I do not take pics while driving, I was at a red light, and if I have a co-pilot, they take the pic!


Dean and Selena said...
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Dean and Selena said...

Haha I hear ya!! I need a camera I can say, "take picture", and it does.... I would have many more posts!! Good luck driving around all the construction!