Wednesday, October 02, 2013

So far so good

 As I near the middle of this journey( in about 5 shifts). I am more confident, much relaxed, and finally getting the hang of the hectic and wonderful world of L and D. I am really enjoying this final step towards a goal that has been in my heart for more than 15 years!
 I am learning a lot. Juggling family centred care, charting and vigilance. Being an advocate for the  patient, and establishing a relationship with the MD team ( be it OB or GP) is a very important part of L and D nursing. recognizing patterns that will have an impact on the labour process. Preventing Labour Dystocia( failure to progress). Implementing coping mechanisms for pain management, and transition to parenthood. This is the nursing I am meant to do.
 Don't get me wrong, I love the many branches of nursing, and the variety of specialties, and I know I can be a good nurse anywhere, anytime. But I am 1000% sure labour and delivery is the place I want to be!!
 In the family front, my guys are doing very well adjusting to the 12 hour shifts on days and nights. The older boys are helping with getting the little ones ready for school, with cleaning( even if not mom standards) and even if I get mad at them at times. They are always wishing me a good shift or asking how was work?? Giving me hugs, space and time to sleep. My Neil is amazing and has been there for me all this time, and going above and beyond and doing and going to kids things more than me! I think sometimes people might think he is a single dad- he might hate football by the end of this fall. One thing I know- he is proud of me and loves me!! And I love him and have a great deal of respect for him, and for allowing me to have this "ME" time and change of career!
 Now I have applied for graduation, I did it last week, and took a picture and sent it to Neil! I can't process this yet haha!! I am also in the process of applying for graduate nurse status, and registering for CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurse Exam). It seems so surreal, and so rewarding, and so exciting!!!


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