Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well, we're booked!!!!! We were going to go to Mexico for a winter family holiday, but are going to Cuba instead! Man Are we all excited! There is 10 of us going Dh and I and our four boys, Dh's parents, our niece Bianca, and my best pal Jolene.
We got a great deal, at the Varadero Blau Hotel. Trip advisor says that its the #2 hotel in Varadero. Actually in all of Cuba.
At first the boys were sad because we are not going to Mexico, but once we explained that it will be pretty much the same but in a different country. They were totally fine with it. Specially cuz there will be all you can eat. Even Lukey now says we're going to Cuba in an airplane. So the sadness wore off LOL
It will a great Xmas. Sand instead of Snow, and Swimming Suits instead of Snow Suits.
We can not wait... the count down is on!!!!!!!!!
We have also told the boys that Santa is helping to get us on the plane so he might not bring anything this year!! They all seem to okay with it. Luke being three doesn't get it but its okay with it.
Okay I'm just rambling now!!
Cuba here we come!

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