Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So this year we only had three out of the four boys go trick-o-treating. Wesley the oldest is in cadets on Tuesdays, and Halloween was on Tuesday this year. Ethan went as Darth Vader, Noah was a lion, and Luke was a chicken( a Jedi chicken).
DH had to drive son #1 to cadets so i went out with the kids and we had to turn the lights off =0( so missed about 45 minutes of handing out candies. The smaller boys were going so fast after they filled their pumpkins up they wanted to go home. Ethan went with a friend from school for another 30 minutes. She got here as we made it back so it was perfect timing. Now with not as many kids at our door We have tons of candies left. DH and DS#1 are not complaining.
The weather was a bit cold but the wind died down, so it made it better. Funny thing though, I remember trick-o-treating in Saskatoon in -40 weather when I was a kid, but now I was freaking out cuz it was -8. The kids complained they were hot, but is because they were running full strenght to the next house.
So now Halloween is done, the decorations are coming down. DH has Friday off so Xmas lights and outside decorations are going up.
Oh and did you know in 41 days we are going to be on the beach in Varadero!!!!

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