Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Orleans

I had the chance to go with my Dh to New Orleans. He had a conference there. My dear MIL( whom I love!!!!!!!) took care of the boys. it was a great time. So much history!! It was so nice to be on my own for a while. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting my aboutscrapbooking friend Denyse. The french quarter was an experience Bourbon St was busy, loud, stinky, but you can walk around with booze and bar hop so that made it better LOL ( Denyse said that it wasn't as busy since Katrina). The buildings wow wow, old but nice, we went into this used book store and I though the floor was uneven and it was scary( aat least tome LOL). We walked all over and went to St Peter's Cathedral and Jackson Square. The food the food I love poboys, and Cafe Du Monde I loved the food. We went on a cementery tour, got to eat at Nola's( Emiril Restaurant) We went to the House of Blues, I even got to go to a sugar cane plantation.


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