Wednesday, November 22, 2006

56 pages

I went to scrapbook retreat, and I managed to make 56 pages!!! Impressive I think Ya!!! as Lukey would say!!! I have to take pictures and I have to put them in the albums, but i am feeling quite good about it!!! The weekend was great. met a few scrapers and got to spend a great weekend with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world!! Jolene beat me though and made 57 pages a few trifold albums.
She totally rocked!!! specially when she made her first trifold album lets just say I didn't think he motor skills were up to par( thanks to the vino). She did awesome.
The boys survived without their mom. Dh did well all the kids were alive and healthy, and they were not starved!!! It was so much fun that I will be doing it again. I am also happy to say that I might not wait till next november There might be anotherone in the spring!!! woohoo!!! and I might even make it to one of the about retreats!
On a bitter/sweet note, My Niece Bianca's papers won't be back in time for her to come to Cuba with us=0( . She is taking it like a trooper!! but my friend Tina is coming with us!!! woohooo!! plus it didn't cost as much as we expected to change the reservation!!!
26 days and 8 hrs Till Cuba!!!!!!

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Denise said...

congrats on the pages done.. woohoo!!