Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Xmas shopping

First of all
Happy belated birthday Dear Marichu!!
So my Xmas shopping is going so bad I am going to cry!!! The kids will only get a couple of stocking stuffers since we are going on holidays for Xmas. So you think this would make my shopping less stressful NOOOOO, I'm not having much luck at all. I did make some progress and bought one of the many gifts today. I won't say what or for who its for just in case she reading this!!
So lets hope I can finish soon, cuz my friend Jolene is going home at the end of the month and I want to send all the gifts that need to go Saskatoon!!!!

40 days till Cuba,

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Denise said...

I think you'll find it okay once you get started.. KWIM? Going to Cuba will be fun. Dan keeps wanting to GO AWAY for christmas. I have said to MY family- lets go. Tey never listen. I'd be rocking to be in Puerto Vallarta for the holidays!! Anyhoo- good luck with the shopping sweetie!