Friday, December 15, 2006

december happennings

Man oh man !!! Dec has been a busy month so far and we are only half way thru. Lots of things have been happening. We went to the children's Xmas party the boys had a blast even Wes enjoyed it. and tonight we are going to the grown up one. am looking forward to it. I got a new dress and shoes!!
We are almost ready for our big trip we are 90% packed. Just last minute things!!!
I got a pedicure/ almost manicure today. My toes are red...going to get my finger nails done in a little while. I got to look purdy and gurly tonight, and have pretty toes for the beautiful beaches in cuba!
Had a wonderful Xmas party at our house last weekend, had lots of fun. Beach theme, and was happy almost everyone dressed up!
Tomorrow My friend Jo and I are taking Ethan and Noah to a christmas story at stage west dinner theatre. And sunday we are going to go see Charlotte's web( Even Wes wants to see it.
tomorrow my inlaws and Tina are coming. I hope they have a safe drive. and I want them to know we are so very lucky that they are coming with us. And we are going to have a blast!!!
I cut the boys hair, yep me, they don't look all that bad...all I can say is I will get better here is a picture to prove it. Oh yeah an we got a new camera!! very excited about that ( not as much as mt frien Jen H , but pretty excited all the same)
Jen hope you enjoy your new camera too!!!

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Jen Hoover said...

LoL I thought I felt my ears burning ;) LOL

I have some not all of your ss goodies, but I was thinking maybe I should wait to mail out when you return from CUBA?

WOW they sure did get a haircut!!! good thing it's been mild and you're going south ;) they might get a little cold...

what kinda camera did you get?