Friday, December 29, 2006

Back in the cold!!

Cuba was awesome. We had a great time. The flight there was a little long, but maybe because we were so excited to get to the beach! Varadero, Cuba is a beautiful place. Very clean, the drivers were not as crazy as Mexico. Our hotel was beautiful, the rooms wee big, and we had ocean view!. The food was not as good as Mexico( but we knew that before we got there) The drinks were Good!!!!!! The staff works very hard, and the grounds are immaculate. the entertainment team was awesome. the first three days were very windy but still very warm. the waves were big, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. It rained a couple of nights but not while we were swimming it was always early evening or night.
I had my hair braided at the beach, didn't have to comb my hair LOL. The sand was white and very cool. Once the wind died down we had the calmest ocean, plus it was so warm and shallow could walk very far out!
We built sand castles, and went on the pedal boats. Neil, Wesley and grandpa Neil snorkeled a lot. One day Mom dad and the girls went to Havana for the day. they had a great time but were back really late We were glad we didn't take the boys there. on the 22 we took the boys on a Catamaran tour we stopped to snorkel, than we stopped at a pen in the middle of the ocean were we got to swim with dolphins. That was a great experience, after the dolphins we went to cayo coco were we had a lobster lunch, and swam for a couple of hours very beautiful! after that back on the catamaran and we got to see the sunset it was beautiful. It was a great day. Latin people celebrate Noche Buena( Xmas eve) more so than Xmas day So all of the 24Th was full of great Xmas surprises at the resort. There was a circus acrobat show, the boys were given a Xmas present, the buffet had a gala dinner. With a string quartet playing while we ate. grandpa will faint if he hears Feliz Navidad again LOL
Every night Wesley stayed in the room with his brothers while we went to the show. We tried to take them but they were so tired by 9pm and the show started at 945. They di however have a mini disco every other day and they got to dance and play games Mayra was in charge of the kids club. We were able to take all the kids there a few times to have them out of the sun, and have a little time for ourselves.
I have made a small slide show , the password is cuba06. Enjoy
We are so sad to be back in the cold. but looking forward to planning our next Xmas holiday for 2008. so let us know if you wanna come with us!
hope you all had a great Xmas with your loved ones. We sure did. thanks to Jolene and Tina for coming with. after all you are family!


VexedAngel said...

I wanna' see the pictures! :-) But it says I need a password. :-)

TammyB said...

Girl - I am so jealous!! LOL :) It nice that you all had a great time. I'd love to be able to do something like that for Christmas.

Happy New Year!

{S} said...

Happy New Year!! I hope you have a fantastic 2007.

Jo said...

Thanks for the log Blog. As you are my teacher I learn from what you do. Since this blog is longer then mine the length of mine is acceptable. Size does matter. PS sounds like a great vacation glad I was there ;)