Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby

HE is 32 years young today. But he is home sick...Yes Sick. It all began last week, when I had to take Noah to the hospital because he couldn't stop coughing and was having a hard time breathing. Turns out he had the croup, and now our youngest is getting over it as well, but hubby has laryngitis....I feel a little under the weather but I am not sick yet knock on wood. Even with sick kids we still managed to get a storage room, to put some of our stuff away cuz we are almost ready to sell our house. We also got to see a prospective house. It was the right floor plan and the right amount of space...with a den/office for my scrapbooking/ school. But it was in the wrong spot. A corner lot on a main road, and the yard well too small. The price was right, actually less than our budget, we know why( location location location)So we now have n Idea what we want, and what we will get. So wish us luck!
Going back to birthday wishes....Poor hubby what a way to spend a birthday, never the less I made him a special lunch of baked french onion soup, and pizza buns. He liked it, I know odd combo, but he loves french onion soup, and pizza. For supper I a ordering his favorite Chinese Food.
It sure has been a very long time since I LAST BLOGGED.
Many things have happened since then, we ( when I say we I mean Dh) got a new laptop. and we put our pc in storage. I have inherited the older much louder laptop( I am not complaining), I moved( when I say I , you know I mean DH) my scrapspace to the basement( it was either the basement or the storage room, I chose the basement), bought a wardrobe and managed to put almost all my stuff in there. I ike it and it will work when we move, and I get my own scrapbooking room.
My friends came to visit from Saskatoon. Went to the keg for a steak dinner yum. Went to a pub night for a cadet fundraising.
Held my second bookfair at the boys school, it went great. Went to the optometrist to find out I have floaters( nothing to be worried about)I'm just getting older, and I have been under a bit of stress and I need to sleep more. Went to a crop, and even though I only went in the afternoon I made 16 pages.
The next few weeks will be busy times, with our birthdays( Dh , me and Ds # 1) and getting the house ready to sell. I have hired a cleaning lady to come clean my blinds, and windows, after that we will have the carpets cleaned, and hopefully on April 9 the house will be officially on sale. We are also making a trip to our hometown Saskatoon, First we were going to stay all week( Easter break) however we must be here to show the house since we are going to try to sell it on welist.com. The boys are not so happy about that decision, but can we do. Wait till I tell my family in Saskatoon, we are not staying the week.
Anyways..that seems to have brought me up to date.
I want to send a special shout out to my Friend Jolene, She was in a music competition, on her solo she got excellent, and in the production piece, well lets just say other competitors thought that they were professionals and they should not be allowed to compete. They won a $300 scholarship( never been done in a for an ensemble piece), and she had a birthday, plus she got a new car, a 2007 Tuscon( sweet ride named lotus blossom) So my Friend...I am proud of you...

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