Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Prayers needed

I was in my hometown of Saskatoon this past weekend.
I was there to be with My sister and her family. Specially my sweet niece Bianca.
Bianca could not see from one eye, and she has had two MRIs and she had a Lumbar Puncture. The doctors think that she may have MS. I was in shock when my Ds told me. So I went to Saskatoon to be with them. I didn't think that children could get MS.
Bianca is an exceptional child( young lady she is 13) We have learnt a lot from her this past few days. She is coping with this like a trooper. At 13 she has taught us all a powerful lesson.
I pray that His will is done. I hope for a miracle and that the doctors tell us she doesn't have MS. But if she does, than I pray that she may live a full life even though she will live with MS.
Faith is all we have these days. I believe in the power of prayer.
I'm still in awe. But our faith is holding us up.

So if you pray and have faith please say a pray for her.


{S} said...

She is definitely in my prayers. ((((hugs))))

VexedAngel said...

Prayers and hugs.