Thursday, September 06, 2007

Autumn leaves are falling

I just looked outside my window, and the leaves are falling its raining and its cold, I think I even see some hail. I knew that fall was near, with the kids going back to school, and all the extra curricular activities starting, and the temps dropping, the wind feels cooler. But seeing out the window an d feeling the chill n the house makes it feel all real.
Fall the beginning of school, at least for two out of the four. The school that my oldest was supposed to start on the 4Th won't open till the 10th due to a new air ventilation system that the school is getting. He is so very sad...not.
With the move in the spring the older boys had to start at new schools. Ethan and Noah were excited but scared , they were afraid that they would not make any friends. When I picked them up at school on Tuesday they were so happy and said that met new friends, and they loved their new school. Wes on the other had was not worried plus there a two people he knows that go to his new school, one that is moving from his old Jr High, the other went to his old elementary.
Luke is staying at his old preschool. I really tried to get him a school close to our new house but they were all full and a lot more expensive. It will be quite the drive, but I will manage. So here is to fall and the start of a new school year at a new school with ne friends and ne adventures.


Jen Hoover said...

I'm HAPPY to say bubEYE to summer! ;)

VexedAngel said...

Yes, it was very nice when I took my walk tonight.

Psst, check out my blog... I hope you can use them!

{S} said...

I'm so ready for fall!! Bring it on! pleeassee?? It's great your boys adjusted so well to the transistion.