Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sometimes I wonder

Almost three weeks ago I got my nose pierced. I have wanted to get it done for about 10 years, I finally did. It like it it looks good. Things though are never easy for me, the piecer had to poke me twice. I didn't cry, it didn't hurt, it was annoying to to get it done twice. So everything seems to be going well, and I get a bump, so I looked on line how to deal with this small bump. So yesterday the bump started to get bigger, I keep treating the bump, and today I sneezed, I scratched my nose and the bloody screw fell out. ARGHHHHHHHHHH, so what do I do I clean it, and try to put it back in...twice I failed, so I just waited till the bleeding stopped and back to google I go. I found a piercing parlor near by. I called and they were very nice and told me to come right in.
When I got there they told me they would not charge me for putting the screw back in. So Wade from Tribal Expressions, put the screw back in, and he informs me the reason I have the bump is because my jewellery is too small( i had read on my google search that in fact one of the reasons for bumps is small jewellery.)So I did the reasonable thing and bought a new screw, with a diamond on it, just cuz I like bling LOL.
Anyways What do I wonder you may ask. I Wonder why I never do things the easy way!


{b r a n d i} said...

Good for you, doing something fun and funky just because you wanted to. Glad you were able to solve the bump problem.

TammyB said...

I think the bling will look way kewl! Sorry you had a small problem but glad it was fixed quickly.

Jen Hoover said...

ew! :P you got somebody else to pick your nose???

LMBO j/k ;)

fuzzywhitedogs said...

Ouch!! At least you got a diamond out of it, so that may make up for having to do it the hard way. ;-)