Sunday, December 02, 2007

Count down to CHRISTMAS

22 days to go. Am I ready. NOPE. But there a few things that are making it easier to say I am close to ready.
The tree is up, it looks so pretty. I was trying to talk dh into getting a second tree but he didn't think two trees was a good idea! maybe next year. I told him my friend Shannon has three, but its still didn't work LOL.
The decorations in the house are done, although I might need a couple more, one can never have too many xmas decorations. The outside lights have to wait since it has been supe cold -35 at times with the winchill.
There are the things that we need to do and the many places we need to be at that still keep me going like the energizer bunny.
next weekend wil be a busy one, we have the children's xmas party from Dh's work. also We are having our annual xmas party the same day( since we will be out all he day with the kids the house will stay clean and tidy for the party). I think this is our 5th , last year we had a beach theme. So we decided to have a nother theme party( well mostly me) And we are having a SUPER HERO theme this year. I wish Shannon could come, she and her family love super heros. I hope everyone dresses up!! Iam going as super scrappy girl , and dh well he has a plan so he doesn't have to dress up LOL( Thanks to Marichu he will pull iy off).
The following weekend we will be going to the karate tournament, the boys and I will be going to a dinner theatre , and that same day we will be going the grown up xmas party, I have bought a new dress, and shoes( strapless and cocktail lenght so I can show off my tan) I am really looking forward to this party. It is always so nice, a big gourmet three course dinner with yummy wine, and a live band.
the following weekend mom and dad will be coming mom and I wil take the kids to story book theatres sound of music.
Shopping is...well I am almost done. hope to be by wednesday. than it will be wrapping.
Grocery shopping man I hate that chore on a regular day....but I hate it even more during the holiday season. Okay hate is maybe a strong word...but lets just say grocery shopping is one of my least favorite things to do. I need a turkey and some cranberries, and I need to order the party platters for the xmas party.
there a few other things going on during the week...I am sure that this month will fly and before I know it I will be planning Noah's birthday and valentines treats
"its the most wonderful time of the year!!!"


VexedAngel said...

Sounds like you're doing good!!

I want to finish our decorations and send out cards this week. And we are close to done with shopping, maybe this weekend! But that may be pushing it. LOL

We never have nice grown up parties to go to. :-P Have fun!! :-)

{S} said...

WOW!! How fun is your December!? You are going to be offically known as the party girl! I'd love to be there with you! Sounds like so much fun. I hope you will have picures to share, I'd love to see those costumes.
I hate grocery shopping too... especially with kids!!

{S} said...

Merry Christmas!! I hope you had a great one!

{S} said...

Happy New Year!!!

any updates to look forward to?? LOL!! (((hugs)))