Thursday, April 10, 2008

Debit Fraud

So I went to develop some pictures for a weekend crop I am going to tomorrow.
I get to SuperStore. I try to pay with my debit card, and it would not approve the transaction. It would say~ card cancelled~. we tried this three times. It was frustrating and embarrassing people looking at you like you don't have the money....anyways. I called Neil and I was freaking out. He logged on the Internet banking site to make sure all our accounts were up to date and were not missing anything. I went to the ATM to see if that would work, and yes you guess it right IT didn't work. My frustration increased. Because I was on a tight schedule. SO lucky for me( the only lucky thing thru out this ordeal) the service desk was empty so I was able to get help right away. I was told I used my card at a place known for skimming( where they take all the info from your card to make fakes) I was livid. I asked if they would tell me where this was, and they said NO. They we not allowed to tell me since its only speculation. I was ready to scream. I wish they would tell where they think it is. Than I would never use it there. Anyways . I had to get a new card new pin, new everything really. I am so pleased with the bank for taking action to protect my interests, but not happy with the fact that I had to be confused and annoyed because I could not use my card, and didn't know why.
so be careful everyone when using your debit card.
But on the upside I went to Mikes and got a Cricut Cartridge for really cheap, and I got a rain check, cuz they were out of the one font I wanted. The cashier asked me if I knew how many I wanted to buy , I said 2 so now I hve a rain check for 2 more cartridges for cheap. So my mikes trip brightened my day.


VexedAngel said...

ooh, that stinks re: your debit card--how frustrating, and scary!!! but nice save with the rain checks. :-)

fuzzywhitedogs said...

How awful!! I wonder why in the world they can't tell YOU the company - seems like it was affecting YOUR card it'd be the least they could do!! I'm glad it worked out ok. (((hugs)))