Tuesday, April 01, 2008

End OF MArch 08

March is always a busy time for us full of birthdays. With Easter being in March this year we were much busier than usual. On the 20 my Dh turned 33 years old. He doesn't look much older than 25( hate his genes LOL) but I sure love him. On the 21st we had a few friends over for munchies and drinkies and quelf( the greatest board game ever). It was fun. Thanks to all that came, and the wonderful gifts( even though not necessary)
On the 22 I turned 33, I feel no older than 25 LOL. For Neil's birthday gift I was able to get us tickets to the flames game. It was awesome. Full of fights and great plays. Jerome even got a hot trick, and Deon got a great goal!
On Easter Sunday I took the kids and drove to Saskatoon to visit friends and family. Hubby was very busy so he could not take time off. I visited with the girls, and spent time with Tina and Morgan. got to see my sister and her kids. Got To see Luis and Rio. I got to spend an evening with my sister( can not remember when it was the last time we ever did That)She got a new car 2009 Toyota Corolla. She was in an accident recently and need a new car. So now She has no excuse to come to visit LOL. I was sorry not to be able to see my cousin krish. But there is a good reason, she is expecting her first baby, and not feeling well( congrats to her and Jose)
We drove back to get ready for Wesley's birthday. I can not believe my boy is 14. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Time flies. For his party he had a few friends over , he wanted pupusas for his birthday dinner. He had a wonderful time.
mind you 7 13/14 yr olds are quite loud hee hee.
march has come and gone, and as busy as it it was a great month.
Hard to believe 2008 is 1/4 gone.

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