Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Amazing....

.....how a RAK( random act of kindness) can brighten one's day or week.
I receive a wonderful RAK from My friend Ann-Marie. She had told me that I had a little something coming my way. I expected a card but I was blown away when I got two packs of 12x12 pp ( Love Elssies Toby line) and some embellies.
IT brought tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness and love.
Specially since I had a trying week, and weekend, you see
.....it will take me days to explain, so in a nut shell
Almost 7 weeks ago we bought a 2007 dodge caravan I have been back to the dealer 8 times in less than 7 weeks. I keep on telling them what is wrong and they keep on ignoring me and checking "the possible cause"
I had it!!! argh, I yelled at my sales rep told him that I felt that the took my money and then I didn't matter at all after that, I told him I wanted a trade, and that It should make me HAPPY and It should NOT cost me a penny!!! He talked to his boss and agreed that a trade for what I want within reason( similar or slightly better) is the best solution to my problem
The weather sucks we got over 20 cm of snow about, but today its going to 0. I was having friend issues. I have been left out out of major happenings....I excepted that it was crossed wires. Then I try to help to lessen peoples loads, but all the help I have offered goes unnoticed or it just comes back to kick me in A$$ . Glad the issues are fixed and its all good now
I ordered a calendar kit...I was supposed to get it 3 weeks ago, the company I ordered it from allows people in the city to pick up the kit in the city to save deli every charges. There was a delay with Calendar it self( i will take pics when I finally get it). I was supposed to pick it on, p sat honed the lady's house she tell me that I can come ANY time sat. I phoned to see if I could come 10 am....she says no I'm in my PJ's and its in my truck( not sure when I'll make it to my garage she says), If you give me your address I "might" stop by and drop it off!!!!!!
I finally received the calendar on Saturday but it was past 4, I had re arranged my day to put together my Calendar. I did manage to finish my April one since I payed for it( I thought that I should get the kit at a discount since it was them and not me that was late getting the kit to me)
Ann Marie's RAK reminded me how lucky I am, how blessed I am and that one little gesture from a dear friend, can make a difference in my life, and make some other little or big problem seem insignificant when you feel love friendship and kindness.
A million Thanks Ann-Marie


{S} said...

You are very blessed. I hope you continue to feel fulfilled. :~)

VexedAngel said...

Oh, sweetie, ((((((HUGS)))))) I hope everything is going better, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Holly t. said...

Isn't Ann a sweetie? Love her. Can't wait to see your calendar :0)