Friday, August 01, 2008

its been a while

hmmm April was my last blog entry.
I just have been busy and lazy, however I don't think it was missed lol.
spring came and went, and we're half way thru summer.
Our summer has been a busy one
mom and day came for a quick visit
Wesley is in Vernon for a 6 week camp, at the cadet training center.
went to the stampede
my Van got keyed
My family came to visit and we had so much fun.( we missed Wesley though, it's not the same with out him)
the boys had a sports camp at my gym.
We made a quick trip to see Wesley in Vernon.
I got a wisdom tooth pulled and now I'm in pain, and the tylenol 3 makes me throw up.
this was our summer so far.
off to puke, again...yuck!

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