Friday, July 23, 2010

TAG you are it

One of the fun things about Scrap Shotz is the tag game. Once people sign up to play the first person( Hostess) on the list sends a LO to the next person in a PM then that person creates a LO based on the PM. Once the person who is it finishes the LO she then in turn tags the next person on the list, while sending her LO to the Hostess as she has the job of creating a reveal! This goes on until the last person finishes her LO. Clear as mud?
Anywho, I enjoy this cool game as it gets my creative juices going!!!
This LO is what I came up with for the game, and it was fun to play!
Oh and I wanted to mention that the cool fan looking flowers I learnt to make from Leica Forrest's blog entry for scrapbooking adhesive by 3L

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Dean and Selena said...

OOO that's so pretty!! I went right to the link to learn how to make the flowers ty :-)