Saturday, September 07, 2013

my dream is coming true

It has been  a long long time since I even looked at my blog, or even had the time to think about writing. So here it is!!!
On January, 2012 i embarked on a new journey. I started nursing school.  After a wonderful 15 years of being a stayhome mom i need to get back to what I left behind to be the best mom I could be for my kids!

It is now September 2013 and I am 378 hours from becoming a graduate nurse!! I just can not believe i have made it this far. Many long nights studying, many trials and tribulations, and many hours away from my family are paying off.

A bit of background- why nursing?
I love babies and teaching, and have always loved healthcare, medicine, and specially maternal health.  So I looked into midwifery, medicine and nursing, I researched the different professions and nursing fit me like a glove.  
So in 2009 i started taking some classes that were pre- requisites for the nursing transfer program.
I applied for Sept. 2011 entry, but due to budget  cuts and and a crazy GPA (3.85) I didn't get in. But I believe things happen for a reason, and now I can see it! I was meant to start Jan 2012.

Nursing School- Well it has been a lot of hard work, and great experiences, I have met many great people, and have made some awesome friends, I never expected to forge such great friendships. I have found many great mentors, I have been partnered with some great nurses, and some not so great ones, but I have learnt from all of them. I have community and acute care experience. I have done clinical placements in mental health, cardiac, neuro, and maternal health.  I was always told not hold on to the L&D dream, as I would find other branches in nursing I would like, and would change my mind many times before deciding where I would work! I have to say that I loved all my placements, but L&D has been my love for a long time!
I have learnt many skills and Increased my critical thinking..... Yes that nursing talk haha

 The bottom line-I have always wanted to be in maternal health. So I went into nursing to be a labour and delivery nurse.  I am starting a final preceptorship( practicum) in L and D.   I am so excited and nervous, but I know I can do it!! I have gotten this far, I can see the finish line.

Next tuesday I have my orientation, I will find out who my preceptor will be,  and will figure out the last three months of my nursing undergrad!!! Oh and I have a UNE( undergraduate nursing employee) job in the immunization clinics this fall!!

So I decided to document this nerve wrecking most exciting phase in my life!

I have to Thank my fabulous husband who does the laundry and deals with my craziness, my children Wesley who is now starting university after a year off from grade 12  grad. I thank him for driving his brothers and doing some of the house work even if slowly haha! To Ethan my "helper" as his abuela( grandma in spanish)  calls him. He is my right hand when it come to cleaning and cooking. And to the little ones Noah and Luke for being so cool and sharing their mom with Lizette's dream!!

So here I go- wish me luck!!

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