Monday, September 09, 2013

tomorrow is the day

i feel like a little kid on christmas eve. i don't think i will be able to sleep. i'm excited for tomorrow! i get to find out what my preceptorship will like. i will learn the name of my preceptor, and hopefully make contact with her and get things rolling. if you recall i said earlier that i need 378 hours before i become a graduate nurse. this means 30 hours on campus for seminar this entails 12 weeks of 2.5 hrs per week. that leaves me with 348 hours which translates to 29 12 hr shifts. i have from sept 10- dec 6 to finish.  with that being said an average of 10ish shifts per month. or 15 in two months and i can be done by nov. i will see what life has in store and wait to see what happens.

one picture to share. my new shoes. i hope i get to wear the unit scrubs which are purple and issued by the hospital!!

till next time

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Anonymous said...

Those are some neat shoes. What will hospital wear think of next ? Snoopy scrubs maybe ?