Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Almost 100 hours in of my 348 to become a graduate nurse. My preceptor is awesome!!!!! Miss M is a great teacher a hard worker, and a just a fantastic lady!! she is patient, even if she tells me its hard to let go haha!!! I'm having a great learning experience. I cant believe I am a almost at 100 hours!!!
I have done IV's and PACU( recovery room) post c-section, and have been a labour coach, support and have done tons of teaching!!!
I SURVIVED 12 hour night shifts. They were not as bad as I thought. I actually stayed up all night, and was able to drive home safely. I  do have to say that as soon as hit the pillow I was dead to the world. Funny story, Neil was home sick with a cold and I asked him to wake me at 1230 so I could be awake and in bed a t regular time. So being the wonderful husband he is proceeded to wake me at my request. If you know you know I don't swear ( swear often) so I told him to leave me the "F" alone I just wanted to sleep!! Poor guy, I guess he laughed and almost wished he would have had his iPhone handy to take a video!!! I felt so bad for him, and would love to seen myself being  a complete jerk!!!!He said it was funny!!
L and D is fascinating, thrilling, and fast paced I love it!!!! I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my charting and my time management, although there are times when I feel so slow!! The unit is great the nursing team is very welcoming, and the doctors are great, and the clinical clerks are kind of funny you can smell their fear haha!! I wonder if the nurses can smell my fear- probably.
I feel at home in L and D. I just hope I can make a good impression and show my passion and drive and get a job there!


Alaamah eg1 said...

Alaamah eg1 said...

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