Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's going on!!!!

THE weather has turned to crap....yep its cold again. I'm missing the sunny beaches of Cuba, and Mexico right about now!! Well at least we didn't get a blizzard like our friends to the north and the east Specially Saskatoon. My MIL told me that some people had to stay over night at a local walmart( Jolene thinks that is awesome!!)
The kids are back at school, and the week is almost over. So far so good. I joined SpaLady( a gym) just to try to tone a bit more and to keep the weight I lost off!! I am not a health weight freak by any chance. I am and was always happy with my body and myself. It is very nice though to look( almost) like I did before kids.
I am happy with me and how I look, and I think my Dh is also happy as well. I'm not will never be a gym fanatic. So if I start stop me. I live life to the fullest, and enjoy being active with my kids. But I won't let a gym rule my life.
Let see besides that I am starting to get excited about my Visit to Arizona Next week. If you didn't know my Grandma lives in town called Surprise, and I haven't seen her in a 20+ years. My hubby is the bomb, and told me to book a flight and go. Since is not to expensive, and westjet flies there, so of course AirCanada had to have a better seat sale, So I'm flying Aircanada. I am Arizona bound. Not do I only get to see my MamaMenche ( probably for the last time) but I get to see my Tio Chepe two of my cousins and their kids. My Cousin Armida and her Dh have 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls. I was a flower-girl at their wedding. Their oldest is 25 and their youngest 16 or 17 I think. My cousin Dan has 2 kids. So i can't wait to meet Dan's little ones. because I seem to be the last find things out in my dad's side of the family that I didn't even know that He was married till a few years back.
If all goes well I will also get to meet two more of my forum friends. I really hope I do.
Basketball starts next week again. This time around I will get to go to the practices more often since Skating is finished. Our first game of the winter season is on the 19Th ( which I will miss) and we have a double header. So i will have to rely on Wesley and Jolene to help Neil out and put the little ones top bed.
I am also Excited cuz Ethan has decided to audition for the Musical Oliver. I hope he gets even just a small part. I think I might try to find a crop someplace so I can start scrapping 100 New Orleans pics and 300+ Cuba pics.
okay I think I have gone on enough. January is turning out to be a busy month and we are almost half way thru it.
I am sure though Feb will be equally as busy since life with my 5 guys always is.


Jen Hoover said...

man, I don't know HOW you do it!

I owe you a MASSIVE appology... Your SS package is on it's way, I hope it arrives before you leave for Surprise ;) and I also hope you get to meet T & W. is there anyone else you're hoping to hook up with?

Denise said...

have fun in Arizona. Hope you an catch up with Theresa & Wendy! Surprise isn't too far from my old stompin' grounds! Hugs you

Jo said...

Seriously who would want to spend the night in a Walmart. They made a movie about it in the 80's after all.

{S} said...

Wow! you are juat a traveling queen! I pray you stay safe and delay free.
Congrats on being in control of your body like that. I know it takes a ton of disipline and will power. I admire that about you, my friend.
Enjoy your visit with your family!