Monday, January 29, 2007

arizona trip report

For those of you wondering about my trip to Arizona. It was great. Very emotional seeing grandmother after almost 21 years. She is now blind but still full of spirit, and laughs! It was nice to see my Cousins' and their families. My cousins Army's 6 children are wonderful smart and sweet. My cousin Dan has a great wife Maria, and two cute kids 10 and 6. They were all very nice. Steve Armida's oldest took me to Garcia's a great Mexican restaurant. I was so full I thought I would cry LOL. I got to visit their church and was able to see all the work they do in their church community! Bequer took me out to lunch as well, We didn't have much time, but had a great visit with him Judah and Zabdy. My cousin Dan did a tour in Iraq and I got to see pictures of Iraq, and that broke my heart. Please pray hard for all those men and women, and children in the middle of that war. Also he had a BBQ in my honour and he went to a Salvadorean store and found chorizos( Salvadorean sausage) It was so very yummy. We had a great time. My cousin army also had a wonderful supper prepared for Sunday after Church.
The weather Oh my it was cold and rainy, well not so cold for me, but for them.
I am sorry to say I was not able to Meet's still breaking my heart. but I will because I will try to get down there again to visit the family.
And meet Wendy =0)
So as soon as download the pictures I will post. Them

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Jo said...

Man I a still waiting to see pictures.