Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have a cold!!!

I feel crappy, and hate it!! Oh well have to deal with that.
I finally scrapped. Man I had not scrapped since the last all day crop I went to dec 3 or 4th of dec 2006. I managed about 8 or 9 LO for myself. and I made three for Trina( I really hope she likes the. She said she did but maybe she was being nice.
Here are a few of the LOs I worked on this weekend. I feel it wasn't my best, but hey at least I'm scrapping again.
Is a good thing I am a little sick today I was able to catch up with the blog world.
and found out I was tagged by my friend SHannon who was tagged by our friend Jen...and so on!
so here I go

A=Available - for a long nap due to sinus medication.

B=Best Friend - Jolene, Marichu, Jocelyn, Tina, Neil.

C=Cake or pie - neither

D=Drink of choice - non alcoholic= diet coke alcoholic= chocolate monkey

E=Essential item you use everyday - car, computer

F=Favourite color - pink and black

G=Gummy bears or worms -neither

H=Hometown - Saskatoon

I= Indulgences -Popcorn and pop at the movies, pho

J= January or February - neither too cold, but if I have to choose FEB Noah was 6 on the 4th

K=Kids and names Wes, Ethan Noah and Luke

L=Life is incomplete without -God, and my family

M=Marriage date - aug 31

N=Number of siblings - 2 sis and 1 bro

O=Oranges or apples - neither I like grapes strawberries and mangoes

P=Phobias or Fears -hights

Q=Favourite Quote - "Do you know how I know You are gay?"

R=Reason to smile - My family

S=Season - spring

T=Tag 3 or 4 people - Denise, Jolene, Shakira, Neith

U=Unknown fact about me - I'm nuts..okay you all know that

V=Vegetable you don't like - eggplant

W= Worst habit - procrastination

X=X-rays -yes

Y=Your favorite food - pupusas

Z=Zodiac Sign -aries

Oh yeah, and I want to wish my Noah a very happy birthday he was 6 on the fourth. Also To our cousin Jason who's DW just delivered twins on the 5th


Denise said...

Happy belated b'day to Noah. Hope it was a good one. Sorry you couldn't meet Wendy on the AZ trip. But sounds like you had a great time anyway. Garcias?? you liked that place?? I didn't care for them.. we always went to theis place in downtown Glendale or another caled Aubeulos?? I know thta is spelled wrong-- sorry. Hope you feel better. Hugs!

Jen Hoover said...

you said: Q=Favourite Quote - "Do you know how I know You are gay?"

that sounds like something *I* would say... where on EARTH did you see/hear/read that?? :D {totally cracking me up!}

I hope you are feeling better, and hb to Noah!! :D

VexedAngel said...

Oh, colds suck, I just got over one, it was horrid! (((HUGS))) Hope you're feeling better by today!