Tuesday, February 20, 2007

cleaning cleaning, shopping and more cleaning

Getting ready to sell a house is a lot of work. But Oh well it should be worth it at the end.
The basement is 95% finished. Dh did awesome finishing the trim on the doorways and window all by himself.
Now we need to get a few things changed and added to our house to make it look more pleasing to the eye of prospective buyers. Went Ikea over the weekend, and bought a few things..that trip was fun I * heart* Ikea. I get to go to a couple of decorating places today after the gym.An see what I can find
The Family day Long weekend was great I took the kids to two movies Arthur and the invisibles a, and Bridge to tarabithia( while Neil worked). Both great kids movies. Dh and i got to see Pans laberynth( great spanish movie with subtitles) . We went swimming( not as fun as Cuba, but fun) we took the kids to eat out three times over the weekend. We tried out Taco Del mar a new taco place intown. We took them to ikea $1 breakfast and after swimming we went to applebees for appetizers and drinks( i recommend this for anyone with kids looking fro a fun lunch) We order a platter( spinach dip, buffalo wings, quesadillas and cheese sticks) fries with gravy, nachos and ribs. We had an awesome time. eating and laughing,. The kids were starving and tired from swimming. We rented a Wii game, and its a lot of fun....we are thinking we might like to get that one. ( Shannon is a super hero one. I thought of you when we played it) It's called Marvel Ultimate Alliance...Super Fun!! ( pun intended) Jolene and Cory came over to play it...well lets just say my kids are way better at this game than we were LOL.
I cleaned my scrapspace for about 4 hrs( so Dh tells me) It looks cleaner, but the same LOL. I am hoping to get it organized enough that I don't have to put my stuff in storage while the house is up for sale. That would just be a tragedy. but If I must make the sacrifice of putting "some " of my supplies in storage I will since one of my " prerequisites " for our new house is a den/ office so i can have my own space. No boys allowed just me!!!! Also the cleaning is getting me organized for my scrapbooking retreat in Canmore( Shannon there are a few retreats around here so if you ever felt the need to come up north I am sure we can find one to go to, but we can always try to put one together if there was enough interest!!!!!!)
Anywho got to go to the gym haven't been there since Thurs.

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