Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day Everyone!!!

Hope everyone is happy and loved today.
We are not big on Valentines around here, except for the treats and cards the kids take to school.
But Tonight Dh and I are taking the boys out for vietnamese for valentines. and on friday there is no BBall so We are having a date.
Dh's parents were here over the weekend. Mom and I had a great time shopping. Dad helpded Dh finish the basement. They did a great job. The only sucky thing was my van was parked outside all weekend and it was freaking cold and it snowed all weekend. Yes I know I am spoiled LOL!!!
I spent an hr sorting out my chipboard embellies. used up the last of my mikes money I got for xmas and bought a slab of chipboard ( 30 pages). It was fun!! =0)
I did it now cuz on the 23rd Jolene, Trina and I are going to Canmore for a weekend retreat. I am hooked on crops and retreats LOL!!!!! I hope taht I can scrap a bit. Since I have been on a weird sort of a funk when it comes to scrapbooking. but I am hoping to get out of it!!!!!
It's still pretty cold, but the Chinook is coming, they are saying + temps soon!!!Stopped by at the boys school for la tire sur la neige....yum!!!!! hot maple syrup poured over ice. This is done during Carnavale at the boys school( my boys go to french imerssion) Also DS # 2 was selected as the class duke, From all the dukes and duchesses there willbe a king and queen for Carnaivale.
Luke made a valentines day mail box at school it was full of valentines and Candies. They also had a party and there were cookies and other treats.
I also god blood work done, and teh lady that did it was so good there is no sign of it!! i sometime Bruise a lot!Don't be alarm is just riutine blood work.
anyways I have gone long enough!!! Going to try to scrap!!!!
See ya!


{S} said...

how about hosting a retreat in Canada so I can have an even better excuse to go there. :~)
Happy Valentines day! Enjoy your date this weekend.

Jo said...

Yeah Lizette you should host a retreat an stop hiding me from your other friends. I can be normal. I promise.