Thursday, February 22, 2007

oh happy /crappy day

I got an ipod video for my birthday form my super DH.( Yes my 32nd birthday is exactly a month a way from today) But DH bought me a slightly used ipod video. Someone from his work got it in Nov 06, but decided he needed the 80G one more than the 30. My friend Jolene( she rocks) is giving me her headphones( she can't wear ear buds, so she bought a different set for her ipod).That was the only thing dh informed me that didn't come with it, but i told him I had already thought to buy a new set as I don't care to put some else's ear wax in my ears yuck!! LOL Now all I want is a pink ipod skin! One more sleep till my retreat I better pack!!! That my dear friends sums up the happy part of today...oh and yeah and we are going to the boys' school Family should be fun!!!!!!
the crappy part is "the painters are in"....I hate being girl for about 3-5 days a month!! Need I say more .
Off to pack so I can scrap =0)


VexedAngel said...

ROFL Sorry, not laughing at your misery (b/c they're here, too), but I've *never* heard that expression! (The painters are in...) I love that! lol

Hope today is better.

Jen Hoover said...

OMG! me too! this is kinda eerie!!!

unlike some people I'm GLAD they're here ;) have a fun time...

and ya ix-nay the ear wax eh?