Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Summer is almost over, I'm not surprised, it sure went fast. Wesley will be done camp on the 15th and we're going to Vernon to pick him up.
We're also going to have a small family holiday, we'll visit Great grandpa and grandma in Abbotsford, we're going to the states for a day with my mom and dad that live in Surrey, and we're going to Penticton. I am looking forward o this small holiday, it will be a blast. Last summer unfortunately we were not able to take more than a long weekend because Dh had a busy summer at work.
A small to trip to Saskatoon for the long weekend will be a great way to finish the summer.
This September Wesley will be in grade 9, his last year of Jr High. Ethan will be in grade 5, Noah will be in grade 3, and my bay boy will be going into kinder garden.
I still have school supplies to buy. I told my self that I would do it before we went on holidays, but I never made it to walmart or staples yet....argh...oh well I guess I'll fight the crowds and wish that I can find everything.
On a scrappy note, I was able to take part in the scrapbook takeout online crop, and I had a blast, also I won a crop-a-die 2.
Oh and are you watching the olympics? I am , even though I enjoy the winter ones a lot more. the gymnastics and swimming are my favorite for the summer sports.
Our poor athletes, they have so many close finishes. frustrating, but I will not go into my personal feeling s about it. All i can say that I am proud of the Canadian men and women competing in the Olympics. Go team Canada

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fuzzywhitedogs said...

OMGosh Lizette, you WON a Crop-a-die?? You LUCKY girl!! Congratulations! Now you'll have to show us some of the things you've made with it!